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Multicultural Bristol          

Bristolians are a real mix of people, with some Amish Bristolians in Bristol, Indiana a place with 1,300 inhabitants. It has been said that in Bristol, IN you can still catch a glimpse of what small town life used to be , for more.. A  majority white, Bristolian population, (mainly with American ancestry, and also with ancestry  from Germany, Ireland and England) can be found in Bristol, Tennesee-Virginia, population around 40,000 (a twin City - on both sides of the border) with most of the current immigrants coming from Europe. 

Bristol, South Dakota which is so small (approximately 419 people), is 100% white (although they appeared to have an Alaskan native living there in the '90s) and has a Roman Catholic church, Lutheran Church and Wesleyan Church, so presumably all the Bristolians there are Christian. But I can't verify that 'cos the state ain't allowed to ask people what religion they follow. Bristol Village, a retirement village in Ohio ( is a great mix of elderly people from all over the US. According to their website, Bristol village is within 500 miles of about 60% of the US population,
Bristol Connecticut has around 60,000 inhabitants and about 4,500 of them were born in a country other than the USA (the country of Bristol, Connecticut.) About  89% of  Bristol, Connecticut's population is white, over 3,000 people are Latino and there are around 2000 Black/African Americans residing there. There are also 1000 Asian Bristolians living in Bristol. Almost 9,000 Bristolians speak a language other than English at home. There is a strong Italian link with 21% of the population claiming Italian Ancestry, also 18.5% of Connecticut Bristolians reported French ancestry. Irish ancestors make up 15.2% of the population, beating the Polish with 12.8% of the Bristol people. English, French-Canadian, American, Swedish and Scottish heritage are also all part and parcel of the ancestry that makes up Bristol, Connecticut's population. I have not mentioned ancestry traits with much lower than 1000, Connecticut Bristolians, however many other nationalities and cultures help make up the weave of Bristol, Connecticut.
Bristol Central H.S did a survey of their culture (part of the Millennium Bristol project)

A graph of the nationality of the students of Bristol Central -  Who are we? (And are we becoming more Americanized?)

Bristol County, Massachusetts is massive with 535,000 people living in her boundaries. Within Bristol County, there are many separate towns, see my page Bristol - Counties, Towns and Boroughs. 89% (478,000 people) of the population of Bristol County is white, 3.6% are Latino (20,000 people) and 2% are African American (11,000 people).  105,500 people speak a language other than English at home. The ancestry is varied, but a high amount of people (29%) report Portuguese ancestry.  The closest to that is Irish ancestry with 17% of people. A Bristol a lot smaller than Bristol County is Bristol Town, Vermont although it is bigger than Bristols IN and SD, clocking in with nearly 3,800 residents, 98% of these Bristolians are white and the remaining 2 percent is a varied mixture of 75 people. Almost everyone (bar 76 people) speaks English at home. The highest ancestry is French with a mixture of French and Canadian-French heritage making up 30.2% of the population. American (581 people/15.3%) ancestry, closely followed by English ancestry (579 people/15.3%) and Irish Descendants (569 people/14.9%) also is part of the heritage of Bristol Town, Vermont.
In Rhode Island there is a Bristol County - population 50,650, within which is Bristol Town (along with other towns and stuff) - population  22,450.
See Bristol - Counties, Towns and Boroughs for more about the other towns in Bristol County. Bristol County is 96.1 percent white, the remaining 3.9% (1975 people) of Bristol County, RI  are a varied mix of people with no main ethnic majority. The main heritage in Bristol County, RI is Portuguese with 26% of the people as descendants; followed by Italian at 19.8%, Irish at 17.5%, then English (14.5%) and French (9.5%) ancestry. As you may expect Bristol Town is a smaller group of people with a very similar demographic, but with seemingly higher proportions of strong ancestry, 37% are Portuguese descedants, which is the largest ethnic group in the town, claiming 8,300 people. Italian decedents make up 4,750 Bristolians of Bristol town having just over half the amount of descendants the Portuguese have. A higher percentage of people (21.4%)  in Bristol town, in comparison with Bristol county speak a language other than English at home.
Bristol, UK is a city, population 380,800 some people who kinda live within the city live in a neighbouring county because the City of Bristol county is smaller than the whole city. These stats are based on people within Bristol councils county boundaries.  94.9% of the population is white so if you do the math you'll see 5.1% (around 20,000 people) are not. That's pretty much all I can tell you folks because the stats are a bit rubbish. In 1990 Black people (Caribbean, African and other) made up 2.4% (somewhere around 9,200 people of todays population) of Bristolians, 1.7%  were Asian (approx 6,000 of todays pop.) and  0.5% (approx. 1,900 todays pop.) were Oriental. 6% (approx. 2,500 todays pop.) of people had other heritage.     

To be continued......................
All Statistics come from Census material, Bristols in the USA stats are based on  the 2000 census, Bristol, UK is based on a estimate for 2001 from the 1990 census (not gonna be quite so real then)

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