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A Motorcycle Odyssey -This guy from Bristol, Maine e-mailed me to tell me about his trip around 26 Bristols in the US on his Motorbike! Bristol Section - Good links page if you are interested in more links (about Bristol, UK)

Bristol Indiana - from Hometown USA

Bristol Vermont - from

Bristol TN/VA -from

Bristol  Rec.- Vermont Bristol Recreational center in Vermont

Bristol, New Brunswick, Canada

Bristol Connecticut

bristol-online...Bristol's website of websites UK Directory of Bristol Sites with Bristols - Worldwide section.

The Tattoo The Tattoo a cool teen site for Bristolian teens in Connecticut. Proper Bristol Website for Bristol, Rhode Island. (they got a cool address, huh?)

Visit Bristol's On-line CommunityLink site for Bristol, UK

Bristol Village An mainly Amish village in Northern Indiana. The people live without electricity and wear simple plain clothes as a sign of their faith. They limit contact with the outside world, but appear to have a good life - so don't diss :) (not that you were gonna, huh?) Jobs in Bristol, UK

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My Brothers' LiveJournal
Yes he is VERY strange!

The Pinkstuff People who host my site.
If you wonder what Transformers (aka XF) is, it's a Scripture Union (technolgy ) Summer Camp I went on a few years ago, pinkstuff is the favorite camp dessert!

Cool Sites on Pinkstuff......

The Punk Hamster's Page

 My friend made Xirtam which I make my site with! (in conjunction with nvu)

Another pinkstuff person - unicyling across the UK - Crazy!  

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