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What do Christians believe

What do we believe from Christ church, Clifton Bristol, UK

More information on what Christians believe. (infoplease)
An inclusion of a link on this page does not imply that their site is Christian or related to any religion, but that they have relevant information relating to Christianity in the Bristols.
As Christianity is the majority religion throughout the Bristols, there are many Churches (too many to list), however if your church has a website you wish us to link to on this page please contact me. Christianity has a major impact on lives in many of the Bristols, including volunteering, cultural identity and celebrations.

Catholic teenagers are working on a 100-foot sawdust rug for the Corpus Christi procession in May in Bristol, Connecticut more...

A "Day of Hope" rally is being planned by Calvary Advent Christian Church, Bristol, Connecticut, to help bring Churches and government leaders together more...

Rev. Don Helmandollar of Trinity Church and Rev. Mark Hansen of St. John’s Church, both in Bristol, Connecticut face being defrocked due to their opposition to the ordanation of actively homosexual bishops in the Episcopal church. more...

Bristols raise money for the Tsunami more...
Bristol Cathedral, UK (from Bath uni)
Bristol Cathedral, UK

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