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The Bristolian Kids Krew!

Hiya, e-mail me and tell me what you think of this page.     Contact me

What are Bristolian Kids up to, check it out here AND tell us what you are doing.

Print off Bristolian Kids Krew Activities to do with your friends  HERE. Daily Fun Are you into Sport???
Check out the Sporty Bristolians section of the BristolsUnited Website there are loads of Junior Bristolian teams listed.
Is your junior team listed?

If not tell me, you could even write something
about how cool it is if you want.

from Bristol Elementary School,  Colorado
Just like to congratulate them on their cool site! it won a class act badge from

Bristol Bay Kids Bristolian kids living in Bristol Bay Alaska have a site with loads of fun kids stuff, including all the information about Alaska you ever wanted to know!

Bristol School of the Month:
Bristol Elementary School New Hampshire.

Have a look at the webpage of Bristol Elementary School, NH, you can see what they are having for lunch, the temperture in Bristol, NH and loads of other stuff.

  Pirates Logo

Schools in both South Dakota and in Indiana have Pirates as their sport teams Mascot. Is your school a Pirates School too? Is it a Bristolian thing? Or is your school/team mascot something different?

Does your Bristolian School have a Website? Or Do you?

Tell me about it! 

Click HERE

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