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Bristols Islamic Communities

Whatever your religion check out these links revelant to how Islamic beliefs are treated in the different Bristols.

Many of the Bristols have Muslim citizens, check out Bristolian Mosques and meet Bristolian Muslims worldwide!
Chat to other Bristolians and Bristolian Muslims on our Islamic-Bristolian Forum

(I am hoping to make pages for some other religions when I have time if anyone wants to help that would be cool!)

Please see my new page on Christianity throughout the Bristols.

What do Muslims believe

The Truth about Islam
(This page is openly Islamic in nature.)
from Daar-ul-Ehsaan which has a Mosque in Bristol, Connecticut.

More information on what Muslims believe. (infoplease)
An inclusion of a link on this page does not imply that their site is Islamic or related to any religion, but that they have relevant information relating to Islam in the Bristols.

Masjd Daar-ul-Ehsan:  Masjd/Islamic Centre, school and social services, Bristol, Connecticut

Al-Hamdu liLlah, have five Mosques in Bristol. (UK) None have websites I can find.
Easton Masjid
St. Marks Road

Easton Islami Darsgah
2 Roman Road
Bristol Jamia Mosque

Green Street
Islami Darsgah Bristol
109 Lower Cheltenham Place
Bristol Islamic Centre
14 Alfred Place
There is also a  Islamic Information Centre 460 Stapleton Road, Eastville
Bristol - BS5 6PA
United Kingdom


Bristol Islamic Schools Trust (BIST) was established on the 15th of December 1997 by six dedicated Muslims from the Bristol (UK) region. The primary objective of this educational trust is to establish a secondary school that adheres to Islamic teachings and values. It will cater for pupils aged 11-16, with boys and girls taught separately within the same buildings. The school will follow the national curriculum without compromising the Islamic concept of one Creator, Allah. Although the school will be Islamic in nature, it will be open to both Muslims and non Muslims. (This page is openly Islamic in nature.)

In Bristol, Rhode Island Two Muslim Women through the Afghans women's scholarship from Kabul, Afghanistan are studying at Roger William's University, so they can go back and help their country grow. One of them wishes to become a doctor.

Should a Car Park in Bristol, UK be allowed to be called  'The Porking Yard', when situated next to a Mosque, see article in The Scotsman

Should the 5 pillars of Islam be put up next to the Ten Commandments in public places? Asks the Associated Press in an article which appeared in the Bristol Herald Courier (Tn/Va) Article republished by which supports everyones right to make their own religious choice. 

Muslims Bristol Connecticut - How the Muslims in Bristol, Connecticut are feeling in the current political situation. 

I am aware that Islam and Mosque links may not be on mainstream sites, so if you wanna tell me about a mosque in your Bristol then Contact Me

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