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Bristols I have found - Which Bristol are you from?

- Basic list. Sometimes where I don't wanna duplicate info I have put a link to where I have more info.  

  1. Bristol, South Dakota - Small village approx. 417 people, see Multicultural Bristol
  2. Bristol Tennessee / Virginia - Kinda two cities (twin cities), the main street is down the state border, but they work in most ways as one city, see Multicultural Bristol for more about Bristol TN/VA
  3. Bristolville, the center of Bristol Township, Ohio.
  4. Bristol Township, Ohio - Pop 3,280. Bristols, inside each other!
  5. North Bristol, an area in the north of Bristol Township, Ohio
  6. Town of Bristol, Ontario County, New York - In 1779 General Sullivan traveled through this area from Bristol County, Massachusetts (See countiestownsandboroughs) they purchased Richmond, Bristol and South Bristol for settlement. His soldiers were impressed with the fertile land and many settled.
  7. Town of South Bristol,  Ontario County, New York - South Bristol was organized from Bristol in 1838
  8. Bristol, New Hampshire (Pop. 1483) - Bristol is located in Grafton County.
  9. Bristol, UK - Big city in England - Where I live, The 'Original' Bristol, although as you can see above, not necessary directly.
  10. Bristol, Connecticut - Big City, see Multicultural Bristol
  11. Bristol Town (in Bristol County), Rhode Island (see countiestownsandboroughs)
  12. Bristol County, Massachusetts (see countiestownsandboroughs )
  13. Bristol Village, Retirement village, Ohio see Multicultural Bristol
  14. Bristol Village, Trinidad 
  15. Bristol, Jamaica - Only thing I know is it is on the map. See map
  16. Bristol, Indiana - Some Amish people live here.
  17. Bristol, Vermont - Large Town
  18. Bristol, Texas
  19. Bristol Bay, Alaska
  20. Bristol, New Brunswick, Canada
  21. Bristol, New Brunswick, Canada- Yes there are two!
  22. Bristol, Colorado - Check out their elementary school's site
  23. Bristol, Wisconsin - Bristol is part of the Kenosha, Wisconsin metro area.
  24. Bristol, Maryland See map 
  25. Bristol, Florida (in Liberty County) - See Epodunk infomation page:,FL
  26. Stockland Bristol, UK (In Somerset County)- If you think this counts as a Bristol (cos it's got Stockland in front of the name) - tell me whether you think it counts contact me. See 192 directory page
  27. Bristol, Georgia
  28. Bristol, Illinois
  29. Bristol, Maine
  30. Bristol, West Virginia
If you are researching this might fill in some of my gaps.
P.S. I have probably mentioned some Bristols on the site, I haven't on this page - Its just I'm lazy and haven't updated this page!
This doesn't not and will not include rivers called Bristol, hills/mountains called Bristol (or Hotels, Parks etc do you want me to go insane!). Only Towns!

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