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Bristolian Volunteers

SHiNE - Take a Stand :: Use Your Voice :: Impact Your World

Many Bristolians around the world volunteer to help run schemes and charities within their cities, here we wish to thank these Bristolians and encourage people to volunteer.

Volunteer Bristol, Tennessee (presume this covers stuff for VA too?)

Needed Bristol VA/TN

YWCA Bristol, TN/VA Especially if you want to teach about computers, but all kinda stuff available. (UK)

Volunteer Connecticut  - You may need to click on Bristol in Statewide Towns to see Bristol Connecticut opportunities.

Charities you can volunteer in, Bristol, Rhode Island

Charities to volunteer for in Bristol, WI

Any info welcomed.

Donate To Bristol Charities

Needed in Bristol, Tennessee
  • Babycare accessories
  • Craft materials
  • Computer Consumables
Bristol Consolidated School (Maine) is having a bottle drive. more info...

Destitute Asylum Seekers in Bristol, UK need warm clothing, sleeping bags and men and women's toiletry packs
more info... (half way down page)

Bristolians Support the Tsunami appeal!

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