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Bristol Counties, Town and Boroughs

Bristol Borough Pennsylvania, contains Bristol Township,  PA - Bristol Borough appears to be like a Greater Bristol area.

In Bucks County (I think). Bucks County, one of the Commonwealth's first counties, is named for Penn’s home in England - Buckinghamshire. Bristol Township takes the back seat to Bristol Borough, the state's oldest borough, as the first formal settlement founded in 1681.

Bristol County Massachusetts

Town of Acushnet 
City of Attleboro  
Town of Berkley   
Town of Dartmouth
Town of Dighton
Town of Easton = Interesting as I live in an area called Easton in the inner city of my Bristol (UK)
Town of Fairhaven
Town of Mansfield
City of Fall River = Previously know as Troy
Town of Freetown
City of New Bedford
Town North Attleboro
Town of Norton
Town of Raynham
Town of Rehoboth 
Town of Seekonk
Town of Somerset = Funny Somerset is the County, just north of Bristol, (UK) Check out Somerset school,
Town of Swansea = Must have been named after Swansea in Wales, not too far from Bristol, UK
City of Taunton = home to Bristol County Courthouse, (there is a Town called Taunton near Bristol, UK as well)
Town of Westport

Bristol County Rhode Island

Bristol Township
Prudence Island

I am a little worried that Bristol County RI and Bristol County MA may be the same county across two states, but can't find owt to verify or deny it!

Bristol Bay Borough, Alaska

King Salmon

Mega-disclaimer - If I got any of this wrong do tell me!!!!
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