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Hi, I live in Bristol, UK. Did you know there are more than 30 Bristols world-wide,  including Islands, Villages and Cities? 

I have 'found' places called Bristol; in England, many states of the US, Canada, Jamaica and Trinidad.  There are many Bristol's around the world, with Bristol, UK being the (so-called) original one.
There are quite a lot of web presence for some Bristol named places, but others have almost nothing. Do you know of a Bristol I have not included?
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There is a news group on usenet for people from Bristols around the world.
alt.bristol charter
Here is a Bristle dictionary for the accent in Bristol, UK Site of the month - Jan 2004!

Forum -  Which Bristol Are You From?;  What is  Public Transport like in Your Bristol?;  Teens

Wednesday 19th October 2005

I apologise for not having updated the site for a while - I lost my password! (DUH!)

Tues. May 17th 2005

Despite not having written anything on this page, I have recently, slowly (due to aforementioned illnesses) been updating this site a little (and removing dead links!).
Check out the updated Bristolian Muslims'  page and the New Bristolian Christians'  page.

Fri. January 21st 2005

And the Forum is back up! - everything was deleted so unfortunately no messages remain.

Thurs. January 20th 2005 - Inauguration Day

Happy New Year from your long lost webmaster!
Just thought I'd tell you I am still here and I still get messages on the feedback form despite having not updated my site recently. Unfortunately I am suffering from illnesses, which cause me tiredness and lack of concentration, which kinda puts a downer on writing up research! If anyone would like to help write anything about the info I've gathered it would be great (and of course I would give you full credit!).
I am gonna try updating some links and stuff at first before I try anything major, to like ease me back in. If anyone wants more information about different Bristols for like a specific project or something then ask away and I'll send you what I've got! I am aware that the message board kinda died, so I'll get on to fixing/re-instating that, then please POST MESSAGES - why should I have to do all the work :P

Fri. June 25th 2004

Ok - I haven't written anything here for quite a while, but our computer has been having unexplained recurrent windows protection errors!!! Anyway I have updated the bristolian festivals page with dates for 2004! Please tell me about festivals in your Bristol!

Wed. January 28th 2004

Cold, cold, cold - wanna see which Bristol tops the coldness list? - bristolweather. I need some ideas for info people would like on the site - I'm working on a page on How Many Bristolians are there? - which you are welcome to look at but is not really finished yet, please contact me with any comments

Sat. January 10th 2004

Happy New Year! Hoping I can make this site better for 2004! in site of the month on Run by Bristol, UK Council and the BBC- Cool or what!

Fri. November 21st 2003

This page has been down since mid-august due to problems with the Pinkstuff server, but we are back and new pages will be uploaded soon!

Wed. July 16th 2003

 I've made a page with loads of weather tickers on  so you can see what the weathers like in your Bristols and compare it to others. Check out bristolweather.

Tues. July 1st 2003

NEW PAGE Bristol Festivals about Bristolian Festivals - I've only written about 2 so far, but seeing as those festivals are both happening this week I figured I ought to upload it anyway :) Enjoy.

Fri. June 20th 2003

Updated Pages
I've updated a few pages, do check them out and tell me whatcha think. Bristols Islamic Communities and the Links page, where you can check out both Bristol links and my friends awesome websites (worth a look).
Refugee Day
I met up with my mom on international refugee day (18th june) at the Bristol (UK) council house event (she was there in her role as ESOL teacher) for a few hours and it has inspired me to do a feature on refugees in the different Bristols - that will be coming soon! If anyone wants to help - get involved

Sun. June 15th 2003

Although I said the Teenage Bristolian page form was fixed, well it isn't - sorry. is really not working for me. The contact me  form is working through a .php script and the other pages are using response-o-matic and appear to be working.  If you want send me a test message.

Tues.  May 13th 2003

If you have emailed me recently then sorry, but I won't have gotten it as the Contact Me form wasn't not working, this is also true for the form on the Teenage Bristolian page. The forms are now fixed. If you send any messages, I will now receive them. 
Thanks to Raanan Raz from for his help. UPDATE

Tues.  April 3rd 2003

Due to a DDOS attack on the .tk domain you will have been unable to access this site in the domain frame for a few days. Please be aware as this site is framed in this domain, if there are any problems with then you can reach this site at
You can review the Press Release issued by on the attack by going to:

Thurs. February 13 2003

Luke, my little bro is gonna be on Radio Bristol (UK), tommorow morning, yacking about the toliet block. But he is 10 and sweet so its worth listening to! Also, I know people have come on this site from stat thingys, so if u haven't e-mailed me before, just e-mail me and tell me what you think. Please!!!!!!!! Ok silly little beg over!

Sat. February 8 2003

Went to a drop-in meeting about the public toilets and small green triangle opposite my house and me, my little bro, his mate Rupesh and lots of people organizing things - and my dad, were in the pic! Probably be in Mondays Bristol (UK) Evening Post.
We were in Wednesdays newspaper. See scan

Tues. February 4 2003

Ok! So the Bristol (UK) Evening Post has decided to do a feature on Bristols - You can no longer read it online.
I'm not annoyed - honest! I have only e-mailed them like a few times about my site and Bristols :( Although I must admit their list will help research wise, although I will not just copy their list. I will get proof for each Bristol - Plus they didn't get Bristol Retirement Village, Ohio. You know what - this is now war !!!!!

Sat. February 1 2003

Yeay! My letter got printed in the Local Newspaper - The Evening Post - Nothing to do with this site, but hey!
Also there was an article in the Bristol (UK) Evening Post weekend magazine thing about fibre-optic internet in Bristol TN/VA 
They are all annoyed that Tennessean and Virginian Bristolians are getting better internet, when our Bristols Broadband hasn't gotten onto its feet. I'll link to it if/when they put it online.

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